Sparkzio AI & Open AI API Key

Please be aware that should you receive the message that you’ve exceeded your current quota while using Sparkzio AI, that this message only has to do with your OpenAI account, not Sparkzio AI.

The free OpenAI API plan is limited. After a short period of use, the API key may expire or you may see the following error:

At this point you will need to enter a payment method with OpenAI. It is pay by usage. However a certain amount of free use is included and we don’t typically see going over that amount but you may want to keep an eye on it and/or set a limit.”

OpenAI’s plan for API keys is, Pay-as-you-go, and you must enter billing information to continue using the API of your choice. Keep in mind that if you don’t enter any billing information, you will still have login access but won’t be able to make further API requests.

When you log in to OpenAI it will bring you to their apps hub located at
When you select API you’ll see the following screen:


Here is where you can set up billing for your account:


Once you have everything set up, log out of your account and log out of your Sparkzio AI account then clear your browser’s cache/history then log in to your Sparkzio AI account. You should be all set.

If successful, you should receive the following confirmation:

Please be sure to monitor your OpenAI API account for usage and charges, OpenAI provides the status and support, in your dashboard, for your OpenAI API key.

Updated on September 26, 2023

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