I am struggling getting rankings. Is my niche a “naughty” niche?


Highly regulated industries/niches – such as adult, alcohol, financial, tobacco, drugs, gambling, firearms, and similar regulated industries are more likely to be on Google’s “naughty list.” Therefore, they can be extremely challenging to rank (in most cases). Yes, even AmaLuv, DigiMo, and Sparkzio may not be able to crack Google’s naughty niches. If you are targeting a regulated niche, adjust your expectations accordingly.

Note: This is not a hard and fast rule as the search engines can change their algorithms
at any time but this can be used as a general guideline. These might be considered naughty niches when trying to rank websites on google search engines. It might not be the case for google local maps listings. This is just a note in case you try to rank one of these niches a few times and then a couple weeks pass by and they still are not ranking. They might be what Google considers to be naughty (high risk or possible scams) so they don’t rank them.

Updated on September 12, 2023

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