My PDF or HTML File Is Not Getting Indexed

Is Google giving you a hard time with your AmaLuv PDF? Let’s see about fixing that situation…

While we do not control the rate in which Google indexes a url, the following should help you resolve difficulties you are having with ranking/indexing…

The NEW Training in AmaLuv Covers This EXACT Thing. We have solved a big piece of some of the reports of “inconsistent indexing/ranking” issues with PDFs.

There is a very simple 20-second process that will exponentially increase your likelihood of getting FAST indexing and ranking with AmaLuv.

Access the new training here…



First… Be sure it is NOT a “Google Greylisted Niche” – these are niches in which Google does not give lots of love. They can include adult themes, drugs, financial, tobacco, alcohol, gambling (you get the idea). If this is NOT the case for you, proceed…

Second… Be sure you followed the keyword selection formula. Sometimes it is as simple as that.

Tried the Above? Still need help? Here are a couple other Things to consider…

  1. The steps below will get you validated and indexed easily and quickly.
  2. Still Not Indexed? Sometimes it takes a  little longer than usual for Google to index you PDF. Assuming it is NOT a “Google grey-listed niche” – If this happens to you, here is another quick solution:

While your PDF is queued to be indexed, we recommend that you create an html file as well using the link below:

If you need any further assistance, please contact support

Updated on June 21, 2019

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