How To Use Niche Packs

The purpose of the niche packs are to speed up the keyword finding and content gathering section of the training. 

1) Keywords:
 In the training Ben teaches you how to find keywords, if you already have the niche packs you would just need to pick from the list of keywords to conduct your keyword research. Therefore, essentially, you wouldn’t need to find keywords, just check to see if they are good for the location you choose. 

2) Articles: 
The articles in your niche packs are to be used on your sites. You can alter them and pair them together on your website. Whatever you choose. The point is you  have SEO friendly articles for your site

3) Videos 
 They are either use on the site or to pitch clients

4) The photos
These are the photos you would use on the site. 

So, you would still skim through the training to follow the steps- but the niche packs enable you to skip a bulk of the research needed to build your site.

Updated on March 26, 2020

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