How To Find The Best Keyword For Your Niche

You’re here because you want to know how to pick the best keywords for your niche. When picking your keywords, always remember to  Learn To Love Winners- finding easy, winnable keyword. 

  • Winnable in terms of competition
  • Winnable in terms of intent
  • A balance in terms of competition & intent
  • The Formula: 5<10 + 3<10 = Win
  • Pick 5 Main KW’s under 10 “exact match” results
  • Pick 3 Secondary KW’s under 10 “exact match” results
  • Keywords road match doesn’t have any Yelp, Angie’s List, etc results

Here is a video to help you further understand:



Note: When people think “Long Tail” Keywords, they typically think low competition. It can but does not necessarily mean low volume. This is just the number of sites that have used this combination of words on their site. We go for high buyer intent keywords. Additionally, when you choose your long tail keywords, you are also targeting the words within that keyword phrase. 

Example:  “Best Bankruptcy Attorney Atlanta” also targets “Bankruptcy Attorney” 

So in reality you are targeting a number of different keywords, with one keyword phrase. 

Advanced Tip:  We normally target each page for one specific keyword and can additionally include a secondary keyword, throughout the content. You can also use different keyword variations of your primary keyword, so long as you get enough use out of your primary keyword. Your content also should flow and read well. More explained in the video.

 Here’s an example video:

Updated on March 19, 2020

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