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Digital Monopoly 101

Digital Monopoly (or DigiMo) is for private members only. It is the most complete training blueprint for DOMINATING search results. And when coupled with SPARKZIO – you just can't help but to win!

Go to DigiMo HQ – Here, you can access the entire program…



Here is where you will find everything you need…

  1. Part 1: Planting Flags
    • This section Covers:
    • Picking Your Niche and Location
    • Hybrid Niches
    • “Virtual Vending Machines”
    • Fundamentals and Foundations
    • Picking and researching keywords (keyword research)
    • The Smart Way to Get Started
  2. Part 2: Planting Flags
    • What now? The creation process begins!
    • You Have a Niche…
    • You Have a Territory
    • You Have Keywords…
    • Now What?
    • You Need CONTENT
    • And We will show you the EASY way to get it…
    • NOW… Let's buid a MONEY SITE (with sparkzio)
  3. Part 3: The “Luv” Machine
    • Learn about setting up everything to dominate Google without needing to be an “SEO Expert”
    • Digital Billboards
    • How to Get “LUV” From Google
    • Automating Everything
    • Building Your “LUV MACHINE”
    • How it All Supports Your Money Site
  4. Part 4: Monopolize. Maintain. Scale.
    • Putting your Machine to Work
    • “Luv Bombs”
    • How to Use Your Machine Over and Over
    • VideoLuv
    • AmazonLuv
    • G-Seduction
    • How You Will Increase Your Chances of “Monopolizing”
    • How to Maintain and How to Scale
  5. Part 5: Landlording
    • Ready to expand your monetization potential?

    • Then get ready for the awesome power of Digital Landlording!

      • What is it
      • How to Price it
      • How to get deals
      • More…
  6. Part 6: Special Workshop – “ATOMIC METHOD
    • Wanna take it up a notch?
    • The Atomic Method is a “grey hat” way of getting lots of attention!
    • Don't use this until you have completed all other parts of DigiMo





Updated on September 30, 2018

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