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How to add custom domain email in cloudflare

What is a catch-all forwarder? A catch-all forwarder allows any email address @yourdomain.com will go to your chosen destination.

If you want to easily add a catch-all email forwarder for your custom domain, this is how you can do it with cloudflare (free)…

STEP 1: Go over to this free service: ImproveMX

STEP 2: Login to your Cloudflare Account 

STEP 3: In Cloudflare – go to your Domain DNS Tab

STEP 4: In Cloudflare – Add 2 MX Records as follows…

Host Value Priority
@ mx1.improvmx.com 10
@ mx2.improvmx.com 20

STEP 5: Go to ImproveMX and verify with the email you want to use to forward…


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Updated on October 14, 2018

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